Team Nelson (AAU/Youth Basketball)

Team Nelson is a youth basketball program that focuses on more than just winning and losing. We want to provide kids with not only basketball skills but also the skills to complete their academic responsibilities. The Foundation's goal is to have all of our players get into and graduate from college. Each player will be required to go through the Read to Achieve and Writing Enrichment Program. We take the phrase "student-athlete" and put the emphasis on the student part. Basketball-wise, our primary objective is to instill Jameer's philosophy of being "the best teammate" into each individual in the program.

Read to Achieve and Writing Enrichment Program

This program will be implemented in Chester in the near future and will encourage kids to want to become better students through reading and writing. The program will consist of "four quarters" - Fundamentals of Reading, Community Outreach, Reading is Fundamental, and Presentations. In the first quarter, students will be provided with book bags, school supplies, and a book to read. After completing the book in a required time, the students will write a book report. During the second quarter, students must devote 50 hours of community service. They will write about that experience in the third quarter. In the fourth quarter, students will complete a mock college application and present it to the Foundation. Once completed with all four quarters the students will be eligible for scholarships from the Pete and Jameer Nelson Foundation.

More to come...